Saturday, February 21, 2009

Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2008 - Astro華麗台電視劇大獎2008頒獎典禮 (Feb 21, 2009)

The award show that never fails to drive Malaysia’s TVB fans into a frenzy is back !!! Die-hard TVB drama supporters waited in-line since 6 am for the ticket redemption, eventhough it was supposed to start at 12 noon. Talk about enthusiasm ! It’s not suprising, as Nat Chan put it, almost half of TVB’s frontline siu sang and fa dan are in town to grace “Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2008” event. It’s an open secret that Astro’s S.O.P (standard operating procedure) is that those who attend is assured of an award. Due to this so-called policy, hot favourite, Suzanna Kwan, was robbed of the “我的至愛大反派- My favourite villian” award coz Astro handed it to Shirley Yeung (???) instead. Suzanna walked away with “ Best TV Theme Song” award, which she so rightfully deserved coz “講不出聲” is simply infectious ! Astro finally came to its senses coz this year, the award presenters are no longer contestants from Astro’s “TV Buff” contest. It was such a pain watching them year-in and year-out, trying to impersonate characters from TVB’s dramas but ended-up looking like they are going for halloween party instead. Still, some segment like the Q and A session with this year’s Ms. Chinese International winners should have been scrapped. It only serves to embarrass the ladies.....and Malaysians ! Hopefully, no more “烂 gag” and “冷场” moments next year. The skit was real fun to watch, though. Listening to Louis reciting her famous “金句” from “Heart of Greed” was classic ! Who would have guessed that Suzanna’s name in “Greed” is called Wong Sau Kam(黄秀琴) and if you reversed it, it turns out to be “Kam Sau Wong”( 禽兽王) ! “你撕旗” becomes “李司棋”! Kudos to the writers for being so creative. Suprisingly, Myolie didn’t get a chance to perform together with Bosco, Ray and Linda during the song medley. Since all the rumoured couples (Bos-colie and Ray-Da) are around, Nat teased them endlessly. During commercial break, Nat “disturbed” Moses till he covered his face – see below clip. Top honours went to Moses, Louise and “Heart of Greed”. The best acceptance speech should go to Benz Hui. He has cleverly translated the malay word - “terima kasih” (thank you) to “带你妈买家私 “ . Hillarious !

Results :- Favorite Character 01 .Moses Chan (Tong Chi On 唐至安) 02.Myolie Wu (Fat Tin 肥田) 03.Ron Ng (Chung Lap Man 鍾立文 ) 04.Linda Chung (Sheung Joi Sum 常在心 ) 05.Bobby Au-Yeung (Chai Foon Cheung 齊歡暢 ) 06.Jessica Hsuan (Lei Ching Wan 李青雲 ) 07.Bosco Wong (Lui Sau 呂濤) 08.Lee Si Kei (Dai Kai 大契 ) 09.Raymond Lam (Wah Zhen Pong 華振邦) 10.Charmaine Sheh (Wing Sau Fung 榮秀風) 11.Joe Ma (Doi Laap Yun 戴立仁 ) 12. Tavia Yeung (Tam Chu Mei 譚珠美) Unforgettable Moment Heart : Greed Favorite On Screen Kiss : Raymond Lam & Charmaine Sheh Favorite Bizarre Character Myolie Wu Favorite Villain Shirley Yeung Favorite Supporting Actor: Benz Hui Favorite Couple : Raymond Lam & Linda Chung (程亮& 常在心) Favorite Theme Song Suzanna Kwan - 讲不出声 (溏心风暴) Favorite Leading Actress Louise Lee Si Kei Favorite Leading Actor Moses Chan Favorite Drama Heart of Greed ( (溏心风暴) Astro華麗台電視劇大獎2008榮譽榜 1.我的至愛戲勢最強大獎:《溏心風暴》 2.我的至愛男主角:陳豪 唐至安《溏心風暴》 3.我的至愛女主角:李司棋 凌巧《溏心風暴》 4.我的至愛主題曲:《講不出聲》 《溏心風暴》─關菊英 5.我的至愛紅中一點綠:許紹雄 周福榮《賭場風雲》 6.我的至愛情侶檔:林峰、鍾嘉欣 程亮、常在心《溏心風暴》 7.我的至愛大反派:楊思琦 宋嘉兒《突圍行動》 8.我最難忘的一吻:林峰、佘詩曼 華振邦、榮秀風《歲月風雲》 9.我最難忘的一幕:《溏心風暴》大契突然出院,家中當眾數出細契與波的罪狀! 10.我的至愛極品造型:胡杏兒 肥田《肥田囍事》 11.2008我的至愛角色:唐至安《溏心風暴》─陳豪何美田《肥田囍事》─胡杏兒鍾立文《學警出更》─吳卓羲常在心《溏心風暴》─鍾嘉欣齊歡暢《賭場風雲》─歐陽震華李青雲《賭場風雲》─宣萱呂濤《千謊百計》─黃宗澤凌巧《溏心風暴》─李司棋華振邦《歲月風雲》─林峰榮秀風《歲月風雲》─佘詩曼戴立仁《鳳凰四重奏》─馬德鐘譚珠美《賭場風雲》─楊怡.